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Vehicle Registration Services

We know how valuable your time is and how stressful those long lines can be. Let us handle all of your vehicle registration needs:

  • New Plates Collection and Installation on your vehicle

  • Vehicle Ownership Transfer

  • Notary Services (witness seller signature)

  • Driver License Renewal Collection

  • Vehicle Inspection & License                                                    






This services involves us collecting your vehicle at your location and handling the entire vehicle inspection and registration process.

** in the event the vehicle inspection fails, DVDL will not allow
us to continue with the service until the matters are addressed. A few things that can possibly lead to an inspection failure are:

  • Illegal Tint

  • Blown head/brake/reverse lights

  • Front suspension issues

  • Wiper blade failure

  • Horn failure

There will be a $25 service fee for inspection failures.


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